Letter to the Editor: Vote for positive change

Published 4:56 pm Wednesday, April 29, 2020

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Dear Editor,

If truth and transparency doesn’t interest you, then you shouldn’t waste your time reading the facts listed below.

However, you may read something that sparks your interest, something you were not aware of and would like to learn more about.

There have been numerous inaccurate, uncomplimentary and just plain rude comments made about TRACER (Tax Relief and Comprehensive Education Reform).

One comment that really caught our attention was, “Mr. so and so does so much for our community, what has that other group (Tax Relief) ever done for anyone?”

Many individuals in TRACER have given their time to bring about positive change in our community and schools. We work as a group. No one in TRACER feels the need to ‘toot their own horn.’ To the person who made that comment, here are a few of the things this group has accomplished:

  • A referendum on the November ballot for tax relief for senior property owners. Remember the people that spoke against relief for seniors at the board meetings and wrote articles to the newspapers calling seniors “selfish” because they need tax relief. Most of those individuals have no idea what it is like to survive on social security alone.
  • Exposed wasteful spending in our school system.
  • Exposed the discipline problems so prevalent in our schools.
  • Exposed tax deferments for large companies in our community.
  • Exposed the inequity in our school districts.
  • Informed citizens of the multi-million dollar general reserve fund the school system never talks about.
  • Informed citizens of the amount of school tax they pay in comparison to the amount of property tax they pay.
  • Informed citizens of the millage rate in the county, which is set by the school board.

TRACER has always stressed respect. We cannot control everyone’s comments just as the opposition cannot control the name calling and derogatory comments made by their followers. I urge anyone reading this to consider the facts, research on your own, ask questions, study the actions of the current and previous Boards of Education.

Then, make an informed choice for the future of our schools and community.

In response to those that think this group has done nothing, think again.

Vote Nick Simpson, Frank Barnes, Tommy Callaway and Tripp Foster for positive change.

Theresa Miller
Marcelene Bell New
Donna JonesAnderson
Dan DeJournette
Peggy Patterson
Bill and Peggy Gregory
Charlotte and Freddie Roberts