Need more stories like Carl Green’s

Published 4:29 pm Thursday, June 4, 2020

Anybody who has shopped at Walmart in LaGrange has probably had an interaction with Carl Green. You may not remember his name, but you most likely remember his smile and energy for his job.

On Monday, Carl celebrated 26 years as a Walmart associate. According to his supervisor and co-workers, Carl’s work ethic and sense of humor are part of the joy of working for the store.

“The highlight of Carl’s day is definitely to come into Walmart and greeting customers,” said Raven Sartain, Walmart LaGrange Store Manager. “That’s what he loves to do the most.”

Many of us walk into stores like Walmart and are more focused on getting our items, checking out, and wondering how we spent so much. 

However, when employees like Carl are the first impression on our shopping venture, it brightens up the entire experience. Not only is Carl there to put a smile on customer’s faces, but he helps everyone with what they need.

“If he sees an elderly person at the door, Mr. Carl is going to rush over there to walk them to their cars,” Sartain said. “One of his favorite things to tell customers is to ‘buckle up.’ That’s really what he loves doing is helping people.”

It’s the little things like asking customers to buckle up for their own safety that makes a person like Carl stand out. We could use a few more people looking out for others in today’s world.

During the celebration Monday, several of his co-workers gathered to praise him, present him with presents and generally show him the love he deserves after giving out so much love himself.

Also, the LaGrange Fire Department made an appearance, which was an extra special treat to Green due to his love of the sirens. He also got to take a photo with a member of the Georgia State Patrol.

We feel it was probably a special day for a wonderful individual who spends his working hours helping others within a very busy store.

Next time you make a trip to Walmart, be sure to acknowledge the person getting your cart for you and return the smile or pleasantry you receive. It may just make his day as much as it makes yours.

Congratulations, Carl, on 26 years of excellent work.