Callaway senior graduates high school despite personal illness

Published 9:00 am Tuesday, June 9, 2020

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Studying nursing at Spelman University is what Gabby Wilkinson is looking forward to in the fall after graduating from Callaway High School.

Most of her studying was done at home due to a personal illness but that has not kept her from sharing a fun memory of classroom learning.

“Ms. Mapp’s cooking class was always fun,” Wilkinson said. “We learned how to do different things and I am able to use what I learned in class now.”

Her favorite teacher is Mr. Christopher Herdener.

“I never had a teacher — from when I came to school every day — to just motivate me with so many encouraging words and would always tell me to have faith in myself,” Wilkinson said. “If it wasn’t for him encouraging and motivating me, I probably wouldn’t have finished my work like I should have. It would have made a difference. He definitely played a huge role in my life.”

Hanging out with her friends made her high school matriculation special. Wilkinson said Callaway High is unique and it allowed her to make her way to a better future despite her illnesses during the school year. Now she does what most people have reverted to when it comes to hanging out with friends, she stays in contact by using social media and regular phone calls.

For incoming seniors, Wilkinson says to stay focused.

“I would tell them to stay focused. Every grade counts,” she said. “Be confident in yourself and understand it’s okay to make mistakes but to always remember to make wise decisions.”