Local opens clothing store to inspire others

Published 6:15 pm Tuesday, June 16, 2020

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With tears in his eyes, Brandon Todd accomplished a lifelong dream over the weekend.

Todd opened his clothing store The Mind Clothing on Main Street Saturday morning. 

“I feel like history is made for me and my family,” Todd said. “This is a celebration. You all know where I came from a year ago. I was in a life changing accident and to overcome that, and to stay resilient through it all took a lot.” 

Last March, Todd pulled over on a street to help a stranded motorcyclist when he was struck by a vehicle that caused him to lose his leg. 

Through his recovery, he didn’t lose sight of his vision. 

“Every day is a step in becoming a better me,” Todd said. “I can’t express how thankful I am for the opportunity to still be here and open up the store.” 

Todd said that fashion is a part of his family history. 

“My grandad and great-grandad worked at stores around the corner, and I never met them, but I’ve been told how much they were into fashion,” Todd said. “It trickled down to me. They never had a store and probably did not have the opportunity to open up a store. Words really can’t express how this feels.” 

Todd’s vision for The Mind Clothing is to positively push individuals forward throughout the world in all aspects of life through fashion. The fashion line focuses on bridging the gap between thinking and doing. 

“I told myself once I created a fashion line, I wanted to create something that has some positive reinforcement behind it,” Todd said. “You could wear a shirt that means something more than just material. When I wear this, and see this, I’m reminded of my dreams. I’m reminded of my positivity.”  

The Mind Clothing is open on 108 Main Street in LaGrange and open Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

“It’s a new step, new endeavor,” Todd said. “I am really elated. I can say so many words, but it really can’t explain the feeling that I feel internally.” 

Todd said he was happy to find a spot in downtown LaGrange. 

“It is ideal for my brand,” Todd said. “It ties in the look and the aesthetics of it. I am super thankful to find this spot.”

The Mind Clothing offers hats, socks, shirts, pants and more. They offer a variety of sizes as well from newborn to adult. 

“It’s a brand that is a fit for everyone,” Todd said. “It doesn’t matter your age, height, size, ethnicity, race, the brand is for you. If you have a mind, and everyone does, then the brand is for you.”