Putting on Band-Aids on our soul

Published 6:15 pm Wednesday, June 24, 2020

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As much as this country has been through this year, you would think that we would do everything in our power to right our ship, break our bad habits, and calm our rushes to judgment. But, no, it seems many are unwilling to think outside their personal comfortable, deep-set, ideology. 

We truly do need band-aids for our souls. So, here I go… with my opinion of where we are and why we got there. Now to remind you, I am no expert at much of anything except baking my coconut lime cake. In truth, the coronavirus is about the only thing I know that doesn’t show a political slant and indeed doesn’t discriminate. It is a mean little microscopic germ that loves people so much it likes to be part of the party. However, when the party is over, so are the lives of the attendees.  Today, it seems it is left to us to protect ourselves from COVID-19 because we have no clear leadership. However, I am positive that politics should not be involved in a pandemic. The only thing that can possibly cure an illness is medicine. But, because we are adept at politicizing everything, we can even proclaim death as a Republican or a Democrat.  

So, while some of us are wearing masks and some believe it is all for naught, some will die. We expect our soldiers to endure enormous hardship in battle and declare them heroes for their selflessness, but we do not want to go to the trouble to aid our fellow citizens by following medical guidelines. 

Are some folks tempting a killer, proclaiming their victory over doom, or just don’t care? Why not try, just like the soldier, to win a war with any defense we can?

There is so much to say about racism, rioting, protesting, and the state of our equality, there is not enough room to say it. So many opinions, so many stories, so much that needs to be discussed. There are many factors that require an in-depth perspective, and none of it needs to be about partisan politics. It must become not only a coordinated effort from our local and federal leaders, but from every single human being that calls the earth, home.  

And, somewhere within the souls of all people, none should ever discount the words of God who taught us how to behave in the first place. If we want to stop hurting, we need to start mending and living with some dignity and godliness. 

From every branch of the government to every citizen, to every political special-interest group, stop your current polarizing behavior. Your actions are destroying our country. Both liberal and conservative elected officials should be ashamed of their conduct over the last few years. At this moment, I bet some of you are pointing your finger at the other party for their behavior. See what I mean?

 I cannot tell you how many good, lovable people on social media spew hatred that is shared with other good lovable people. If we continue with the trend of passing errant information, divisive rhetoric, are we good people? Just think before you do more damage. 

One of the aggravating aspects of our society is we are bombarded with 24/7 news. The folks who watch Fox News all day believe one way, and the people who watch CNN espouse another belief.  The telling of the stories is one thing, but the countless barrage of opinions about this or that creates stubborn polarizing minds and hearts everywhere.  

Here is the deal, there is no fake news. The news is real, but when we start to shape it, twist it to the will of our own philosophy is when we are listening not to fair journalism, but rating wars.  I work for newspapers that tell the stories under the headlines, and I find the majority are fair, honest, and working for peanuts, not ratings. If we start believing that all news is fake news, then we should all sign up for the genuinely fake state-run newspaper. That will sure cure us all even though America will be gone.

There is a way to overcome what ails us. If we become willing to listen, willing to compromise, stop our perilous intent to divide, we will begin to turn the tide. We are supposedly God-fearing folks. 

The locusts are swarming, the earth is shaking, and a plague surrounds us. If we love God, then by gosh, we better get our act together before God puts fear into every living cell we have left.  

Now, I think I will go bake a cake and look for my band-aids.