Hogansville votes on annual items

Published 12:30 pm Thursday, July 9, 2020

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During Monday night’s meeting, the city of Hogansville voted on multiple housekeeping items that come up annually.   

The council voted to update the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG), Electric Cities of Georgia (ECG) and the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia (MGAG) delegate list with new city manager Jonathan Lynn as a new delegate.  

The council also voted to stay separate from Municipal Competitive Trust, which is a part of MEAG. 

The Hogansville Downtown Development Authority (DDA) has three members whose 4-year terms were up for renewal or replacement. The council voted reappoint three members, John McKibben, Jason Stewart and Kandis Strickland.

Additionally, the Hogansville Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) had one vacancy, and Sherry Metternick-Jones was also up for reappointment or replacement.

 The council voted to appoint Rachel Kilgore, and reappoint Sherry Metternick Jones, to the Hogansville Historic Preservation Commission.

The City council also heard the first readings for the following seven items:

  • A zoning amendment to allow farm wineries in the city’s commercial and industrial zones. 
  • An alcohol amendment that amends the City Alcohol Ordinance to define farm wineries, and to set the city license fee for them at $250 per year. Currently in OCGA 3-6-21.1, farm winery is defined as an winery that makes at least 40 percent of its annual production from agricultural produce grown in Georgia, and is located on premises, a substantial portion of which is used for agricultural purposes, including the cultivation of grapes, berries or fruits to be utilized in the manufacture or production of wine by the winery. Or it is owned and operated by persons who are engaged in the production of a substantial portion of the agricultural produced used in the annual production. A farm winery may sell up to 24,000 gallons of its wine at wholesale within Georgia.
  • An alcohol amendment that allows growlers as a container for beer or wine at retail package sale locations. According to the Hogansville Planning and Zoning Commission, a growler is a bottle that is to not exceed seventy-two (72) ounces and is capable of being sealed with lid or cap. It is filled with beer or wine from a licensed establishment authorized to sell beer or wine for off premise consumption. 
  • A zoning amendment that amends the city zoning ordinance that relates to accessory structures in R1 and R2 residential zones. The amendment states that surfaces cannot cover more than 40 percent of a lot, stipulates that an accessory structure cannot exceed the square footage of the primary structure, requires building permits, and states that no accessory structure shall serve as a dwelling. 
  • A zoning amendment that relates to accessory dwellings in R1 and R2 residential zones. 
  • A replacement ordinance that will define and regulate tiny homes. A tiny home is defined in the ordinance as a single­family home, with a minimum of 160 square feet and a maximum of 1,000 square feet, excluding lofts.