Beacon Brewery and PureLife to team up to raise funds for DASH

Published 3:33 pm Friday, August 14, 2020

Beacon Brewery has curated an IPA that will support neighborhood revitalization efforts in partnership with DASH (Dependable, Affordable, Sustainable Housing) throughout LaGrange. 

“DASH approached us about a month ago just wanting to do something to help raise money for them,” said Beacon owner Chase Hudson. “We were already in the works of a new beer and were planning on using the Hillside style logo to tie it into the community. So it was an easy natural fit.” 

For every purchase of a pint or 6-pack in the Beacon taproom, $1 will go toward neighborhood revitalization efforts in LaGrange.

“This brew will actually end up being our new core year-round IPA,” Hudson said. “A delicious juxtaposition of tradition and innovation; we combined everything we loved about IPAs into the beer for your drinking pleasure. Expect to be bombarded with pine, citrus and tropical fruit all in one glass.”

PureLife Studios and Beacon Brewery are also teaming up to put on a concert with award winning blues musician Jontavious Willis. The concert will be on Aug. 28 located at Doc Spiers. 

Tickets will be $25 for general admission and $50 for a VIP ticket, which will include a special menu prepared and served at Beacon Brewery, one complimentary beer and one seat. Masks and social distancing will be encouraged.

“During COVID, I feel like yes, businesses have had a rough time, but I think nonprofits that are not healthcare-related are going to hurt more than anything,” Hudson said. “I feel like housing is going to become an issue because of COVID as well. DASH does a lot of good for community revitalization and helping with housing.”

Hudson said he has always had a passion of preserving the Hillside community in LaGrange. 

“We put Beacon where we put it because of that,” Hudson said. “When I was growing up everything over here had more going on. A lot has  been put into downtown LaGrange in the last 15 years and feel like it’s time to look at a few other areas that need to be paid some attention.” 

Pure Life Studios, Beacon Brewery and DASH are all located in Historic Hillside. 

“This collaboration is taking place in Doc Spiers, a historical shell of a building that DASH has saved as piece of history and a wonderful outdoor event space,” said Gina L. Snider, DASH

Marketing and Community Outreach Manager. 

Dylan Triplett, a 19-year-old Blues and Soul prodigy vocalist, pianist and guitarist, and LaGrange Gospel and R&B musician Jayy Hopp will also play at the concert.