#MeToo should focus on Trump

Published 10:00 am Wednesday, August 19, 2020

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Bernard is a retired corporate executive

Cancel culture has become a topic of conversation within liberal circles. “Cancel culture” means taking one or two minor acts or statements by a public figure and writing that person off for all time. Real world situations are usually not black or white; they’re more often gray. But cancel culture does not see it that way and has become a weakness for over-the-top liberals.

Cancel culture and #MeToo has made some progressives see sexism as an absolute. An example is Sen. Al Franken’s drumming out of office for allegedly committing a few inappropriate acts. It was not enough to censure him or ask him to apologize; he had to be politically executed.

Contrast this situation to the acceptance of Trump’s actions and remarks by Evangelicals, or the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, a very reputable Stanford psychologist, stated Kavanaugh attempted to rape her when they were teenagers. The GOP stood behind him, winning him a seat on the Supreme Court and ensuring conservative domination.

Conservatives are aware of this weakness and intend to make it a key part of their strategy to ensure Trump, a long-time womanizer and misogynist, is returned to office. Thus, the media is being goaded into covering unfounded charges against Joe Biden brought by Tara Reade, a low-level staffer nearly 30 years ago.

Reade was not performing as an employee in his Senate office and was let go in the early ’90s. Reade is on record praising Biden several times over the last few decades. 

Reade’s personal life reads like a low-grade movie. She had marital problems, lied about graduating from Antioch College, incurred major debts and has not been able to hold a white-collar job. Further, her allegations changed dramatically over time and were deemed untrustworthy by reputable organizations and individuals that investigated.

Contrast this situation to Trump’s long history of misogyny. According to various sources, 25 women have accused him of sexual assault since he became an “adult.” To confirm these allegations are likely true, listen to Trump himself when he was recorded saying with glee that he was such a big shot he could grab women’s private parts and they would do nothing about it.

Unsurprisingly, outlets like Fox and Breitbart spend a lot of time blowing unfounded allegations against Biden out of proportion. At the same time, they ignore the 25 women who have accused Trump, although many accusers are accomplished professional women highly unlikely to be fabricating facts.

As the election gets closer, progressives and the media do not need to emulate Fox and repeat the unfounded Reade allegations while ignoring Trump’s record of misogyny. If liberals want to truly support the principles of #MeToo, start by criticizing the real bad guy, Donald Trump. Let’s investigate the charges brought by those 25 women rather than examining unfounded allegations against Biden.