eSPLOST collections recover some in June numbers

Published 8:00 am Tuesday, August 25, 2020

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During last week’s work session, the Troup County School System unveiled the eSPLOST V collections for the month of June, the final month of year three of the five-year eSPLOST.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, eSPLOST collections brought in more in May and June than last year. 

In May 2020, eSPLOST collections were $1,115,825.14, up $25,621.06 from May 2019.

In June 2020, eSPLOST collections totaled $1,116,564.82, up $27,033.69 from June 2019.

May and June were rebound months after large decreases in collections in March and April. In total, March and April 2020 brought in $300,511.95 less than in March and April 2019. 

In total, $12,712,459.31 was collected during year three of eSPLOST, an increase of $199,495.53 from 2018-2019 collections. 

Despite the pandemic, 2019-2020 was still the best of year of collections during the current eSPLOST. 

The average amount collected each month of year three was $1,059,371.61.

Nine of the twelve months had an increase in collections from the previous year. 

In total, $36,850,122.71 has been collected through three years of eSPLOST V.

eSPLOST is a 1 percent tax that is only for use by the school system. 

It’s uses are restricted, but in general it can be used for building enhancements or construction, safety features, technology purchases, etc. It cannot be used to pay salaries.

Recently, eSPLOST was used to construct the new athletic facilities at LaGrange High and Troup High and to construct Clearview Elementary School.