Rosemont Elementary School installs monument for the 2020 fifth grade class

Published 8:00 am Thursday, September 3, 2020

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Rosemont Elementary School recently installed a special commemorative monument located at the sidewalk behind the baseball field for its fifth-grade class of 2020. 

For decades, fifth grade students from RES have made hand prints in the sidewalk but because this school year was cut short due to COVID-19, the 2020 class didn’t get to do it. 

“At the end of every year, our fifth-grade students do this,” RES media specialist Ashley Hadley said. “They bring in a concrete truck and make this continuing sidewalk with all the hand prints. They do the hand prints then write their name under it in the concrete.” 

RES didn’t want the 2020 class to miss out on so they installed the plaque with all of their names on it. 

“We wanted to do something that was still special for them to remember and look at for years to come here at Rosemont,” Hadley said. “It includes all three of our fifth-grade classes from last year. All the hand prints from the past few decades surround it. We have hand prints out here from the early 2000s.”

RES asked that students come back and take photos with the plaque to commemorate their years spent at RES. 

“We’ve already had quite a few parents bring their kids by and take photos with it,” Hadley said. 

“Parents have been posting them on Facebook, and it has been really cool to see.” 

Hadley said that they have also seen a good response on social media about the monument. 

“We’ve gotten a few messages from people just about how it was a great idea for the students to still have something and that they were thankful we did this,” Hadley said. “Of course, this year is always going to be memorable when adding the part of the pandemic. It was cut short for these students.” 

Parents can stop by the school at 4679 Hamilton Rd #8702 in LaGrange to take a picture and send to @rosemontelementaryschool on Facebook.