TCSS gives virtual students option of returning to in-person instruction

Published 5:20 pm Wednesday, September 9, 2020

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All virtual students in the Troup County School System now have the option to return to the classroom on Oct. 13. TCSS also is setting a deadline of Sept. 25 for students to decide if they want to make the swap to virtual learning.

Parents wishing for their children to return to school can complete a return to school intent form available on each school’s website. The form must be returned by Friday, Sept. 25, and parents must complete one form per student.

Students would then obtain their schedule for their return to in-person classes. The schedules will be available via Infinite Campus. High school students may also get their schedule from a school administrator, according to the press release.

Virtual students who choose to return to school would do so on Tuesday Oct. 13.

Elementary and middle school students were always allowed to return to school at the end of the first nine weeks, but the new change allows high school students to do so as well. Originally, high school students had to wait until the end of the first semester.

TCSS is also setting a deadline of Sept. 25 for students to make the swap to virtual learning.

“When students choose to attend school virtually, the master schedule for teachers and traditional students shift drastically,” a press release for the school system said. “As parents and students continue weighing their learning options and electing to switch to virtual learning, many classes have been combined and educators have been asked to teach both virtual and in-person classes. To create a more manageable learning environment, TCSS has established a date where students wishing to attend school via Troup County Virtual Academy (TCVA) will have to make a choice by Friday, Sept. 25, 2020. This deadline will provide more stability to students’ schedules and educators’ course loads. In addition, if parents choose to TCVA, students will remain in virtual learning for the remainder of 2020.”

TCSS said it has seen its virtual numbers climb since the start of school. On the first day of school, 32 percent of students were enrolled in the Troup County Virtual Academy. Now, 40 percent of the student body is in the virtual academy.

Parents and students who wish to move from in-person learning to virtual learning must meet with school personnel to discuss virtual learning expectations and schedule changes. Those students would be virtual learners until Jan. 5, 2021.

Parents must still complete the Troup County Virtual Academy paperwork to request the online learning model and students must agree to the expectations of virtual learners.

For requests to go virtual after the deadline of Friday, Sept. 25, parents and students will have to complete a hardship process with their school to move from face-to-face to virtual learning.

If parents or students have any questions about their intent to return to school or the virtual learning declaration deadline, they can contact their school or send an email to