Challenge 2020 completed at Lafayette Christian School

Published 9:00 am Friday, September 11, 2020

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Before COVID-19 was on anyone’s minds, Lafayette Christian School initiated a capital  campaign named 2020 Challenge.

On Thursday, the school officially showed the community what months of renovations have produced for the school.

“We are so thankful to all of the generous donors who made our technology improvements possible,” said Vikki Stringham, Upper School Principal. “With so many students  accessing digital platforms this year, and virtual students being taught alongside on-campus students, we benefit daily from the enhanced technology infrastructure.”

According to Superintendent of Schools John Cipolla, renovations to the Fine Arts Auditorium of Lafayette Christian School and a covered drop-off and handicap were able to happen from more than 1,000 donations that totaled approximately $400,000.

The covered drop off area was able to be completed in time for when school started.

“We started back in the fall with the auditorium with a new stage, handicap access, new lighting, new sound system and more,” Cipolla said. “Then we were also improvements in our technology with fiber optics and computers. In our arts program, we purchased a kiln and different advancements there.”

The Discovery Cottage was an addition to the school approximately six years ago that addressed the needs of students with special needs.

“It’s very unusual for private schools to do that and very unusual for Christian schools to do it because the expense of doing it is large,” Cipolla said. “We feel like as Christians, it is so important to value every life. If Jesus were here, he loves everybody, but I think he would have a special love for kids with special needs. We love to administer to that.”

Fine Arts Director Darlene Shaw said all the new advancements to the fine arts program made it even more magical.

“Any actor can tell you how inspiring it is to step out onto a stage, into the spotlight, ready for that big moment, it’s magical,” Shaw said. “They can also tell you how hard it is to create magic without the right environment. The recent renovations of the Fine Arts Auditorium of Lafayette Christian School have brought the magic, inspiring and exciting young actors, musicians, dancers and vocalists. The newly resurfaced stage, black-out walls, sound equipment, and theater lighting combine to create an enhanced experience for performers and audience alike.”

The improvements to the auditoriums will allow students in wheelchairs who were being lifted onto the stage to now use the accessible ramp.

The three-year campaign will total more than $3,00,000 and include multiple phases. 

“We are so thankful for the generosity and support from our school parents, our community, and the Callaway Foundation,” said Head of School Rene Gomez. “Our school is in awe of the great work God is doing on our campus and among our students.”