Heart and Vascular Care of Georgia lab celebrates five years

Published 8:00 pm Wednesday, October 14, 2020

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Heart and Vascular Care of Georgia celebrated five years of its Outpatient Cath Lab on Wednesday. 

At HAVCOG, Dr. Angampally G. Rajeev offers a wide variety of services including diagnostic coronary angiography, pacemaker implantation and treatment of varicose veins.

“We see any patient with any circulation problem,” Rajeev said. “The heart pumps out blood, so it goes to the arteries and comes back to the veins.” 

Rajeev said when patients experience blockages in their arteries, he treats them with a minimally invasive procedure.

“Nowadays, the minimally invasive procedures for the last 10 years have gone on the rise because they are doing better. They’re getting better outcomes compared to surgery,” Rajeev said. “Basically, we deal with the heart, we deal with intravascular arteries and veins. We also implant pacemakers. We do stress testing, we do echocardiograms and we do vascular ultrasounds.” 

HAVCOG also performs invasive cardiovascular procedures at various local hospitals. Although the lab has only been there for five years, HAVCOG has been on Jenkins Street since 2009.

“In the five years, the lab has been here, we have not had any type or kind of emergency,” Rajeev said. “We are doing it very safely. We submit all the data to a database, and we are one of the top 50 in the country. We are providing a state of the art facility.” 

After a procedure where a patient had to receive a stint or balloon to clear a blockage, Rajeev said they will get the patient whatever meal they want. 

“It’s got to be heart healthy though,” Rajeev said. “They have been fasting and haven’t been able eat.” 

Rajeev said that HAVCOG commits themselves to excellence in cardiovascular care. For more information about HAVCOG or to book an appointment, visit www.havcog.com or call (706) 407-0161.