COMING SOON: Local coffee shop to open on The Thread

Published 9:10 am Thursday, October 22, 2020

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Those driving down North Greenwood Street at any given time of the day may have noticed the construction of a new coffee shop. 

Local Groundz Coffee Company is in the process of completely renovating a building that was once a church parish, investment broker office, home and dentist office. 

The historical 1920 home is being transformed into a coffee shop with leasable office space.

“When I purchased the building, I had a vision of having something connected to The Thread and providing some type of service,” said Philip Abbott, who is overseeing the project. “The concept of the coffee shop came from my sister, Carla.” 

Abbott said he wants the coffee shop to be an inviting space. It’ll also have a pathway that leads to The Thread from the back of the cafe. 

Local Groundz was expected to make its debut in November, but due to construction, the grand opening has been delayed.

“During the interim time, we are hoping to get out in the community at some events,” Abbott said. “We purchased an event trailer, and that’s ready to go. We have it housed at In Clover near downtown. There’s actually a group that we created for these types of things, and it’s called the Highland Hospitality Group. It will include Local Groundz and In Clover, which is our next project.” 

In Clover will be an event venue located near downtown, but Abbott said all hands are on deck to finish the café before they start the event venue. 

“We’re very excited to be able to contribute to the community to create something unique in LaGrange,” Abbott said. “Seeing all of it come to fruition is exciting. It’s a collaborative dream because it’s not just mine, it’s Carla’s, it’s the team. The team has been instrumental, and I’ve definitely got a lot of people on this team that really come together.” 

Local Groundz will feature a spacious indoor café along with outdoor seating on a large, covered, pet-friendly porch. 

“We will offer a place to go and congregate,” Abbott said. “It’s not a small space where you’re cramped. That’ll be another good benefit in today’s world where you want to you want a space to go to where you can see people but still have enough space.”

Currently at events, Local Groundz is offering basic hot coffee drinks but when the café opens it will offer a wide variety of lattes, cappuccino’s, teas and more. 

“We have partnered with a roaster that provides fair trade, organic, and shade grown coffee,” said Local Groundz manager Carla Martinez. “This not only allows us to offer good quality coffee made in small batches to our community but also allows us to help support the quality of life for the farmer and their families.”

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