Why I’m voting for Trump

Published 8:00 am Saturday, October 24, 2020

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By Jeff Brown

Brown is a retired Georgia state representative.

For many Biden voters, it is a protest vote against Donald Trump because of his “character flaws.” The facts are both have such flaws. The key is what policies they support.

The present rage with the left is Trump nominating a candidate for the Supreme Court 38 days before the election. History proves that if given the same circumstances the Democrats would have done exactly the same.

Speaking of the Supreme Court, Biden has not denied he’ll pack the court with liberal judges. A key to our 244 years of success has been the balance of power with the legislative, executive and judicial branches. This goes away when you pack the Supreme Court.

Another huge consideration is the pandemic. Trump formed the Coronavirus Task Force in late January and responded to Democratic and Republican governors’ needs. Most importantly his Operation Warp Speed should result in a vaccine in record time. All Biden has done is demonize Trump when he imposed a travel ban. Further, Biden’s comments pretty much assure us of another lockdown which would be devastating!

Biden will be 77 if he becomes president, which would make him the oldest president on inauguration day by seven years. Given that, there is a reasonable probability that a vote for Biden is a vote for vice president candidate Sen. Kamala Harris.

A key responsibility of a president is foreign policy. Already three Scandinavian legislators have nominated Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize because of the peace accords he brokered. Also: no new wars; obliterating ISIS; minimizing Russia, North Korea and Iran; better trade deals; and rebuilding our military are some of his other accomplishments.

The race card is often used against Trump despite him repeatedly condemning white supremacists and the Ku Kux Klan. Until the pandemic, his policies resulted in record job gains for Blacks, a record amount of money for Black colleges, criminal justice reform and Black lives do matter to Trump. Most of the rioting has involved Antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement, and it has mostly been in cities run by Democratic mayors in states with Democratic governors. Why hasn’t Biden said anything of significance about this?

Trump believes in the rule of law, protecting private property and for fair law enforcement. Meanwhile Biden wants to “reimagine” law enforcement. Trump is also pro-life and protecting religious freedom and freedom from religion.

I shudder to think about a Biden/Harris presidency.