OUR VIEW: Frustrated by Hogansville train episode

Published 9:02 am Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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Last week, we wrote about the city of Hogansville’s issues with a CSX train that was blocking part of Industrial Boulevard and Boyd Street.

It’s not the first time a train has blocked an area in Hogansville — though to our knowledge, it’s been a while — and we’re sure it’s frustrating for all parties. That frustration was shown in a City of Hogansville Facebook post last week, which essentially did everything but beg for the train to be moved.

“CSX WE HAVE CALLED. WE HAVE EMAILED. WE HAVE FILLED OUT YOUR COMPLAINT FORM,” the post said. “However, even after numerous attempts and even talking to someone at CSX the train is still blocking the tracks here in Hogansville at the Boyd Crossing.”

City Manager Jonathan Lynn said people were actually waiting at the crossing for 10 to 15 minutes before realizing the train wasn’t going to move. We can’t imagine how many calls that might’ve meant for Hogansville City Hall.

There isn’t a whole lot the city can do other than let someone know the train is blocking a crossing and ask for it to be moved.

We’re sure CSX moved quickly, but it took several days for the train to actually leave the location.

There are several ways to go around that crossing, but we’re sure it affected nearby businesses. If nothing else, it was just a headache for motorists.

We’d hope in the future that these types of problems can be alleviated in a more timely fashion.