Woodruff tops Ward in sheriff race

Published 11:30 pm Tuesday, November 3, 2020

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The results are in, and voters chose incumbent Sheriff James Woodruff for another four years as the Troup County sheriff.

Woodruff received 18,462 votes while challenger Ricky Ward received 11,131 votes in the election.

“This just shows me that the citizens really do appreciate the work we’ve done for them,” Woodruff said. “I appreciate their confidence in me. I asked for four more years because there is still more work to be done in Troup County.”

Woodruff said as results came in he didn’t want to call it until all votes were counted.

“You never want to take anything for granted,” Woodruff said. “I know that I’ve worked hard and I had a good feeling about this election but I never wanted to be over-confident or over-concerned. I am very pleased by the way it turned out.”

Ward said he had no hard feelings after seeing the official results.

“It was a good race,” Ward said. “The best man won, and it was a positive race.”

Going forward, Ward doesn’t plan to run again for office.

“I am going to enjoy my retirement,” Ward said. “This was a one and done. I’m just hoping that they come up with a cure for COVID-19, and I can go and travel and enjoy myself.”

Ward called Woodruff following all results coming in congratulating him on his victory.

Woodruff said he’s excited for four more years.

“I want to thank the citizens of Troup County for their continued support of me and the people I work with,” Woodruff said. “It’s not just me. We’ve got a terrific staff that every day gets up and comes to work and does the very best job they can do. I am so blessed to be part of that team.”

Woodruff said his staff played an important role in the election.

“They did a lot of work to help me get here,” Woodruff said. “I certainly appreciate them. I certainly appreciate my family. I want the citizens to know I am going to work just as hard these next four years.”

He said that his biggest goal the rest of the year will be getting through COVID and opening the visitation room back up for prisoners and children in DFACS custody.

“I want to get our ministers back into the jail,” Woodruff said, “A lot of people have not been able to come to the jail and visit because of COVID. Let’s get through COVID.”