How you can save the USA

Published 11:11 am Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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In the 1964 film “Seven Days in May,” a coup plot is underway against the U.S. President, with a general played by Burt Lancaster leading the quiet, subtle charge.  Many may not even realize that it is underway, but for those who know, the threat is quite severe.

America is experiencing a challenge worthy of a cinematic thriller, but there’s nothing fantasy about what’s going on today.  

And it’s not just members of the Democratic Party under threat.  Republicans too have been under attack from those in power, especially in my home state.

Having lost the election, those in office are not content to honor the results.  Unlike Hillary Clinton, who conceded the next day, the powers in charge have sought every mechanism to stay in power.  As of the writing of this column, they have mounted more than 30 lawsuits across a handful of states where they are behind by tens of thousands of votes.  

Only one has had any success.  At some point, you have to realize that demanding 30 plus “do-overs” isn’t right.

It is as if the plaintiffs believe that simply by filing a crushing number of lawsuits that they can establish “a conspiracy” in the minds of the American people, instead of having a smaller number of cases with more solid evidence behind them that might stand up in a court of law.

As those lawsuits have badly fizzled, Plan B is under way, and it’s a lot scarier.  

Here, we have seen cases of administration and allies contact elected officials, hoping that either flattery or pressure will sway those charged with maintaining the integrity of our elections.  

Hearing that several Michigan legislators were “summoned” to the White House should have been enough to send a chill down the spine of every American, just as much as phone calls to Secretaries of State by politicians hoping to change votes.  

Currently, several GOP politicians from my state, from Governor Brian Kemp to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger are dealing with harangues from national politicians. 

 The idea is to replace electors pledged to one party with a new slate chosen for their loyalty to those in political charge, instead of the people, who should really be in charge.  

Are you a Republican?  There are attorneys and candidates who claim you support the conspiracy, helping Venezuelan Communists oust Trump, in exchange for legislative wins.

Plan C is even more terrifying.  

We’ve already seen the firing of the Secretary of Defense as well as the Homeland Security Director in charge of cybersecurity, just for calling the elections fair or perhaps some perception of disloyalty to those who hold the reins of power.

We probably don’t want to know what Plan D is.  

It would destroy the United States of America.

The media needs to stop focusing on Rudy Giuliani’s bad hair dye, and start getting wise to what’s really happening, and why it’s wrong.  

I know Democrats would love to exploit a GOP internal battle, but now’s not the time for that.  

Anyone who stands up for freedom and against intimidation needs bipartisan support, or else we won’t have members of either party left, just loyalists to the leader, and those they oppress, whether they are liberal or conservative.  

This is no drill, or joking matter.  Everything’s at stake this month.  Whether you subscribe to the political left or right, find your voice.  

Write your letters to the editor.  Call your members of Congress and your statewide elected officials (Governors, Lt. Governors, Secretaries of State, Attorneys General …yes it will matter).  

And thank every one of them, whether they supported court challenges or not, for finding their spine, and carrying on in the tradition of Americans who stood against monarchies, Fascism, Communism, and terrorism.