Georgians must vote

Published 10:57 am Wednesday, December 9, 2020

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By Drew Ferguson

U.S. Rep., Georgia’s 3rd District

I’ve heard recently that some folks are urging Georgia Republicans not to vote. They’re saying it’s useless, that the outcome of our Jan. 5 run-off is already decided and that Republicans will certainly lose. From where I sit, this couldn’t be a more unacceptable position to take, especially coming into such a heated election.

If Joe Biden is confirmed as the President-elect, the fact of the matter is this: The Senate is our last line of defense against the radical left. If Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock are elected, we will have a Democratic majority in both houses of the legislature and potentially a Democrat in the White House, and personally, I can’t bear the thought of a completely Democrat-controlled government.

Sen. David Perdue represents the same conservative values that our president embodies. He stands for the elimination of needless red tape and lower taxes on hardworking Georgians and their families. Perdue stood with President Trump as he orchestrated the great american comeback, the economic surge we experienced after the height of coronavirus. Even before that, he supported our president as he created a historic economy, complete with an economic environment that saw the lowest Black, Asian-American and Hispanic unemployment rates ever. Perdue is a true champion for economic growth and opportunity — something all Georgians can get behind.

Sen. Kelly Loeffler is cut from the same cloth as Perdue and Trump. These folks are true American patriots who will continue to fight for Americans, and by extension, Georgians, until the very end. Loeffler has expressed the same support for upholding law and order as our president. She is a proven defender of our men and women in blue who has vocally condemned the left’s radical defund the police movement. She also supported her fellow Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina on the JUSTICE Act, a piece of legislation that focuses on meaningful police reform and further enhances transparency within police departments. Just like Trump, Loeffler aims to pave the way for real, helpful police reform rather than ham-fistedly revoking desperately-needed funding from police departments nationwide as supported by the radical left. Loeffler is a proven champion for law enforcement and the enhanced safety of our communities here at home.

The only candidates who will appropriately represent Georgia’s best interests in Washington are Perdue and Loeffler, which is why I am urging all Georgians — Republican, Democrat or otherwise — to vote for them on Jan. 5. The future of our country is at stake.