The Return of the Star

Published 11:00 am Thursday, December 10, 2020

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Funny how random thoughts seem to fly into our brains out of the blue or hit us in the head when we least expect it. Sometimes they are silly notions we dismiss, but other times something will remind us that perhaps they were not intended to simply fly away.

I have been lying on my sofa most of the week. It seems I caught a bronchial bug that mimicked the dreaded COVID, just to scare me silly. I am now armed with my Raid can full of antibiotics, my loopy causing cough syrup, and steroids. I am on the mend, but my sleep is discombobulated by the end of my Raid-filled day.

The other night as I tried in vain to close my eyes, those random thoughts began to fly at Mach 1 speed into my stuffed head. Between contemplating the endless election recounts, kids coming home for Christmas, the rising COVID deaths in our country, and this horrible year, my brain refused to close shop. While wondering how many Christmas cookies I should bake, a quick fly-by image seemed to flicker light into my worried heart. The vision was of a bright star. It was then I quietly prayed, “Lord, we need the star of Bethlehem to shine over our world this Christmas. If you can perform a miracle to restore hope and trust, that would be just great!” As I imagined the star of peace shining brightly in heaven, my heart began to calm, and finally, my eyes closed.

At 7 a.m., my foggy brain slowly began to revive itself with help from my morning coffee. “And thank you, God, for coffee beans!” I said while noticing my husband was staring at me. I must have looked frightful because his eyes spoke in silent words I could read, “Who is the strange woman with a can of Raid in her hand?”

Once my hubby recovered from the shock, he spoke, “I sent you an email a friend shared with me this morning that is really cool.”

When I opened his message, the headline read, “Jupiter and Saturn will Align to Create the First “Christmas Star” in Nearly 800 Years.” I almost dropped my cup of blessed java on the floor. David had no idea I had such a random fly by image during my restless night. The more I contemplated the phenomenal astrological event that was to occur near the end of December, the more I realized how close we are to the power of God. How He can turn the most random of thoughts into reality or prayers into answers.

Yes, we do need a star to shine over our world. We should lay down our struggles, fears, selfishness, distrusting natures, and anger to follow the light. It is there we will find the meaning of Christmas.

I have not seen my son in a year. He lives in Colorado, and because of travel restrictions and COVID, there have been no visits. I miss him terribly. This Christmas, he and his girlfriend intended to fly home to celebrate. The plan was for cousins, sisters, aunts, and family to gather, and laughter would fill this house as it always does when Santa comes to town. Presents have been wrapped for weeks, and goodies are in the freezer, but because of the pandemic soaring, was it a good idea for Corey to come? Why would I put him or his girlfriend in harm’s way? Why would I risk hurting another because I wanted my Christmas as usual? I witnessed the crowds at airports during Thanksgiving.

I observe those who decide to not wear masks, equating their behavior to allegiance to God knows what or who. I see those who will not sacrifice their pleasure for the wellbeing of all their fellow humans, and because I do, I must not become as they are. Or at least I will try. God unselfishly sent His son to sacrifice himself for the good of all His children. Pure and simply because He loved us. The child born under the star that magical night all those years ago showed us how to light our way and live our lives. If we love Him in return, is it not worth sacrificing some part of ourselves for God? Isn’t it time we give back love to Him by simply caring for one another?

This Christmas will not be like others we enjoyed. It will not come without pain and a sense of loss. However, we should remind ourselves the star shines for each of us, and all we need to do is follow it not only with our eyes but with our actions.