OUR VIEW: Get rid of those boxes

Published 12:35 pm Saturday, December 26, 2020

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By now, it’s likely all of the presents have been opened, and many of us are even back at work as we try to end a unique year with a strong finish.

However, if your family is like ours, there’s probably still a few gifts to open over the next week. 

Some of those might be virtual, but safe gatherings with family members who couldn’t be seen in person this year.

Along with those final presents comes the need to get rid of all of the remaining trash — the wrapping paper, the boxes, etc.

If your family is anything like most of ours, many of the boxes are still sitting in a corner of the living room to be dealt with.

Remember when you’re cleaning up to be mindful of how you throw items away.

For instance, if you got a 70-inch television for Christmas, it probably doesn’t make sense to throw the box in front of your house until it’s picked up.

Every person driving by will know that you got that TV.

If the wrong person happens to see it, they might see it as an opportunity to take something valuable.

The Troup County Sheriff’s Office posts a message of this kind every year, warning locals to be wary of how they dispose gift boxes.

Wrongdoers typically need to get inside of your house to see if you have anything valuable, but if you throw boxes in front of your house that part of the work is already done.

It’s better to break down boxes and throw them in your garbage can for recycling or to take them elsewhere for disposal.

The City of LaGrange has placed dumpsters around the city for easy disposal of trash until Dec. 30.

Using them would be a safe way to dispose of boxes, especially when there were expensive items purchased.

We recommend using a common-sense approach to avoid creating a problem and potentially inviting thieves into your life.

It’s as practical as putting valuable items in your trunk — or leaving them at home — when out shopping. 

Even though Christmas is over, there are plenty of “Grinches” running around that could ruin your holiday. Don’t let them.