Tures Column: This ain’t U.S. and Us

Published 4:38 pm Wednesday, January 6, 2021

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As I write this, we have attackers attempting to force their way the House and Senate Chamber.  This was a deliberate attempt to terminate a joint session meeting of Congress to certify the Presidential Election of 2020.  If this isn’t a coup attempt, I don’t know what is.

We have had representatives and senators and key members of the U.S. government have had to evacuate. Before then, they were given tear gas masks, and told to hide under their desks.

I’ve watched video of these would-be revolutionaries (according to the Fox News, some perpetrators used those words) physically assaulting police officers inside the Capitol and outside the Capitol.

I have read accounts of wounded officers being taken to safety by fellow officers.  So much for “Back the Blue.” The true colors are being shown today by those attacking our country’s institutions.

I’m also reading that at the Georgia Capitol, officials are having to be evacuated too.

Anyone who heard President Donald Trump’s long speech before this event should not have been surprised at the events that transpired, as he invited supporters to go with him to the U.S. Capitol (but I haven’t seen him leading anyone there). After days, and months (even years) of incendiary tweets with arguments rejected by courts, legislators and the American people, he riled up his supporters, demanded action and courage, and then sat in the Oval Office while others did his dirty work.

The actions of those storming the U.S. Congress have no interest in the U.S. Constitution, democratic or republican government. They don’t much care for your vote or voice either. They would be pleased if martial law was declared, and being a Republican would not be a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card in this terrible version of “Monopoly.”

This is the biggest invasion of the United States since 1814, after the Battle of Bladensburg, when the British burned Washington, DC.

With reports on Fox News of guns drawn on the House floor, it’s not going to be mistaken for a peaceful protest. I just heard that a woman was shot. I pray no one is killed.

Some apologists are trying to pooh-pooh what’s happening. But let’s not mistake what’s going on. No longer can we joke about this. No longer can we say “no, that’s not what he really meant.” No longer can we say “but can we trust the witnesses?” We’re all witnesses to this. 

These attackers aren’t interested in negotiation, a spirited debate, a constitutional airing of grievance, a peaceful assembly, a request for a 70th court hearing. They’re interested in one thing, and it’s exactly the opposite of everything the Founding Fathers stand for.

Never forget what happened today. Don’t let some propagandist try to rewrite history for you in the days, weeks, months and years for you down the road.

And let every elected representative, senator, and state official, know what you think of this. This is the real “American Carnage.” I pray, with all of my heart, as a Christian, that we will move away from this evil. As the poet Langston Hughes once wrote “Let America be America again.  Let it be the dream it used to be.”