God isn’t just the God of the mountain

Published 9:00 am Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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As we prepare to write each week, we think of what is most fitting for this particular week — that’s the way it is 52 weeks of the year. Clearly, taking the pen in hand this week, we realize we are in some crazy times, no doubt about that. But, rest assured, the things that are happening right now clearly aren’t God’s doing—the Lord isn’t about deceit, abuse, underhandedness, and corruption.

Oh, that doesn’t mean He won’t allow those types of folks to carry on with their foolishness, sometimes for long periods. For a while we’ll think, “Well, I guess they’ll just keep getting by with their constant troublemaking and destruction.” But don’t be too quick to give up. Just read of the Old Testament kings.

Most of Old Testament kings hover on the evil side — and that includes the kings of Israel as well as the kings of the nations who do not know the true God. The Lord uses both for His own purposes over and over. The only thing is, the kings who are pushing their agendas instead of upholding God’s principles have no idea that they’re just playing into God’s hands. But the time will come that they will; ah, they will.

One of the most wicked kings of Israel is a man named Ahab. You’ll recognize him by the name of his wife: Jezebel. You don’t get any worse than having a wife such as that. Look around, don’t be surprised if we don’t see some Jezebels today. You know them because their agendas are those that promote abject godlessness, not godliness.

You understand. But as bad as Jezebel’s husband Ahab is, he is still the king of God’s people — so, he at least has one thing going for him. One of Ahab’s enemies named Benhadad, king of Syria, is one of the biggest bullies to come along in that day. He picks one fight after another, just because he can. One of those fights takes place up on a mountain, where the Lord sides with Ahab; and they soundly whip the Syrians – with God’s help, of course.

Benhadad’s men limp home defeated, but they are not through. They have another plan. (Isn’t it just like men to keep coming with evil plots! If one plan doesn’t work, then they’ll try another plan, whatever it takes, for they have their own evil agenda; and they are not quick to repent of it).

These men come to the king with this ‘brilliant’ plan, saying that the God of Israel is a powerful God, but He’s really a God of the mountain. What they need to do is attack Israel down in the valley, because this God isn’t powerful down there. (We can’t help but laugh a little at that!) Of course, they aren’t engaged in battle down in the valley for long before they realize that God is not just the God of the mountain, He’s God down in that valley, too.

The Syrian army limps home after that second defeat, and they are done with their evil plots for a while. God has spoken. Remember, God will speak, always, in His time.

Let us note this, too: Regardless of what’s going on around us, the Lord knows who they are with evil motives and underhanded schemes. No, don’t be surprised when they get away with their corrupt plans for a long time – but, just remember, with God, what goes around does, indeed, come around. Count on it.

They’ll turn this way, and that way, trying to outsmart the Lord. They’ll work up a plan to attack the Lord’s people up on the mountain, and – when that fails – they’ll send their men down in the valley armed for war. Whatever it takes, they’ll do, feeling invincible. All of their confederations casting their votes with them give them plenty of false confidence. But they’re missing the one vote they need.

But they always forget something: The time will come when the Lord will have enough, and He will send them a whipping like no other. He’ll start out with the beat-down up on the mountain — then, when they don’t give up, He’ll repeat the whipping down in the valley.

No sir, our God – the God of our country, and the God of the world – isn’t just the God of the mountain.

He’s God of the valley, too.