LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Do you think I am a threat?

Published 6:02 pm Thursday, January 28, 2021

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Dear editor, do you think I am a threat to homeland security?

If you believe everything you read or hear on CNN or other liberal news outlet, you think that I am a threat to homeland security and need to be deprogrammed. 

According to their viewpoint, anyone who did not vote for President Joe Biden is a threat to homeland security. 

I am a 67 year old female who moved to LaGrange with her husband in 2013. 

We love living in this wonderful community. 

We volunteer with various organizations and worship with friends. 

My husband, father, aunts and uncles served our country in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. 

I am a Navy wife.  

My husband served 27 years and his first deployment was to the Cuban Blockade to fight against communism. 

Am I being lumped in with those agitators who turned peaceful protests into full-blown riots throughout 2020 and still continue after the inauguration? 

Where is the outrage from the media and supporters of Biden during the destruction of our citizen’s lives and livelihoods? I can speak from personal experience. 

My family’s business was destroyed in 1965 during the Watts Riots in Los Angeles. We went from a hardworking middle class family to poverty. Just as many business owners are experiencing now.

How is our new administration treating our citizens, our homeland? 

I was saddened to learn that within days of the new administration our National Guard was sleeping in a parking garage, executive orders have cut jobs in the energy sector with no replacement jobs put in place and our own border security is in limbo. Has the new administration weighed any of the consequences to United States citizens from the executive orders that have already been signed?

 I do not agree with the decisions being made, but please know that I am not a threat to you and I respect the office of the president. 

I use my words and not violence to convey my opinion.

I have worked hard starting at age 14, paid for my college degree without student loans and managed my life in order to retire to LaGrange with my husband.  

Friends and future friends, I hope we can all get along no matter our point of view. 

I am still the same person I was when I moved here and not a threat to homeland security. 


Fran Holland 

LaGrange Resident