Letters: How do I face this giant?

Published 7:39 pm Monday, March 1, 2021

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Dear Editor,

How do I face this giant? The giant of anxiety, giant of fear, giant of rent bills, mortgage due, student loans, the giant of hearing about over 400,000 deaths in America? In our state of Georgia we’ve had 14,989 deaths from COVID-19, and in Troup County we’ve had 162.

Recently in my own family, we faced the giant of death of one of my brothers. A neurosurgeon over 35 years, he died due to COVID-19.

What do you do, where do you go when it seems impossible?

LaGrange be inspired.

All of us have been touched, and front responders in hospitals, we applaud you. There are endless questions right now, such whether it’s OK to send your sons and daughters back to the school or being off work with symptoms of COVID-19. Do we go to church on Sunday?

Many of you are business owners who have never faced this type of giant.

How do we as a people in LaGrange face this giant?

Know you have a giant God.

David the underdog, beats the champion.

When the odds are against you, when it seems utterly impossible, when you feel it’s useless to reopen that business due to low sales, when the odds are against you, LaGrange be inspired.

We face this giant knowing we serve a giant God. I want to encourage you to stop looking at the size of this giant, as King David did, and look at the size of your God today.

  • Don’t Allow Goliath to scare you into immobility.
  • Don’t see defeat see victory.
  • Realize it’s your greatest opportunity
  • Know our God is faithful.
  • Ignore the naysayers. You are a winner.
  • Don’t use your strength, call on the strength of God.
  • Prepare for victory.
  • Remember you are not alone! 10,000 angels at your call.

And know that the size of the opposition does not matter.

Dr Israel P. Barsh