Glad a solution was found for proms

Published 9:00 am Friday, March 5, 2021

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There’s never been a senior year quite like the one our local students went through during the year 2020.

Sure, it’s true that everything was unique for everyone in 2020, but our students saw a world they are being prepared for get turned upside down. School was shut down, graduations were postponed and moved virtual (and then eventually in-person) and everything changed.

Proms weren’t even an option.

At this point, any large indoor activity like a prom remains a real concern. All it takes is a few COVID-19 cases and the entire event can be postponed or canceled, as at least one local prom already was.

But the Troup County School System found a solution, thanks in part to some local partnerships. Sweetland Amphitheatre, the LaGrange Downtown Development Authority and Jackson Services have worked with TCSS to create outdoor proms at Sweetland.

Not only will each prom be memorable, but they’ll also be much safer since they’ll be outdoors. The brick at Sweetland will be replaced with a portable wooden floor and Jackson Services is bringing in a couple of additional tents to help keep everyone cool.

Now, we’ll hope Mother Nature will provide good weather the first three Saturdays in May (the date of the three proms). But most of all, we’re thankful that a prom will be held this year, something students missed last year.

TCSS continues to work through the pandemic, trying to find solutions for students in the classroom, on the field and on the dance floor.

The solutions aren’t always perfect, and we doubt everyone is satisfied, but having a prom is better than no prom at all.

We applaud everyone involved in finding a solution that lets this longtime high school tradition continue in our schools this year. We’re sure students at Troup, Callaway and LaGrange high schools are excited to know their proms will take place this year.