Bearded Lady Barber Shop continues to flourish, even through pandemic

Published 9:00 am Saturday, March 27, 2021

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One local business not only has opened in the midst of the pandemic but also flourished.

Kari Baker, owner of the Bearded Lady Barber Shop, opened her business just a few days before the COVID-19 restrictions required hairstylists to completely shut down.

In the midst of the shutdown, Baker kept in close contact with many locals, especially essential workers.

“Many of them were video chatting me, and I walked their wives through cutting their husband’s hair,” Baker said. “I would tell them which guard to put the razor on and when to stop and switch. I would do this in detail with so many clients, so they could have at least some sort of decent haircut when working.”

In April, when Gov. Brian Kemp lifted some of the restrictions, Baker said she was one of the first few businesses that could open full force.  She was a solo barber so she could schedule where customers didn’t have to worry about social distancing in the shop.

“I had clients coming in from all over just to get a haircut again,” Baker said. “I had guys driving in from Birmingham and then guys flying in from New York, Kentucky and Kansas. I had clients flying in and bringing someone else new with them every time. So many men needed serious haircuts after not having one in months during it all. I had to fix a lot of beards too.”

Baker said since states have opened back up she hasn’t seen those out of state clients again, but she was grateful for the experience of meeting all of them. 

Since opening back up in the summer, the shop has had a revolving door.

With a rapidly growing clientele, Baker had to move into a larger shop and hire on a second ‘bearded lady.’

“I was kind of getting too big for own my britches,” Baker said. “The community is amazing and word of mouth was phenomenal. I would have people piled in the other shop, so it was time to move and get somewhere bigger.”

The Barded Lady is now located at 1107 Mooty Bridge Road in Suite #A.

Recently, due to the pandemic and longer hair she has specialized in the art of the mullet.

“I am seeing students every nine weeks now,” Baker said. “A lot of men came in with hair down to their chin that normally have really short hair. When things started going back to normal, we took on a lot of appointments like that.”

Baker noted that a lot of men have started growing their beards out as well. She is teaching her clients that want longer beards the upkeep and styling process involved.

“I am so thankful we were able to get back to normal,” Baker said. “I truly love serving this community and making these guys feel more confident. After a fresh cut and shave, they always leave here with chests a little more puffed. It’s always fun to watch them appreciate themselves a little more after an appointment. I love giving them that confidence with just a pair of clippers.”

Baker said everyone that walks through the door is part of the bearded family.

“My clients really are my family,” Baker said. “My favorite thing is seeing guys come in for a haircut for their first date and following them through the journey to a haircut the week of their engagement and then their wedding.”

Baker says she offers it all from beard shaping, traditional shaves, cuts, trims and more.

To book an appointment, call (706) 416-2100 or for more information follow the shop on Facebook  @beardedladybrbrshop.