Bench at First Baptist honors former church members

Published 9:15 am Wednesday, March 31, 2021

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First Baptist Church on the Square held a bench dedication ceremony on Sunday in honor of Susan Belcher, Carol Alvis and Austin Belcher.

Susan, Carol and Austin were killed in February 2019 in a wreck on West Point Road at the Teaver Road intersection. The bench is near the church and includes two plaques, one for each family. One plaque is in memory of Susan and Austin by Rick Belcher and the Faithful Hearts Ensemble, as well as First Baptist Church on the Square.  Carol Alvis’ plaque says “by Tom Alvis and First Baptist Church on the Square.”

Pastor Cade Farris said the idea for the benches came from pastoral ministry assistant Carol Kilgore, as well as Tom Alvis, Carol Alvis’ husband. 

Susan Belcher was the ministry assistant at the church for many years, and Austin, was typically by her side. Carol Alvis was the church receptionist for many years.

“All three of them were fixtures at our church office,” Farris said.

Farris said the placement of the bench near the Thread will also allow others to walk by, see the bench and use it.

“It is the perfect place to put it because every time somebody comes to our office at our church, they walk by that bench,” Farris said. “Not just people from our church, but people walking on the Thread from our LaGrange community base.”

Farris said the trio is greatly missed by the church.

“By doing this bench, it’s just another step to say we’re never going to forget them,” he said. “It’s a small thing we could do in the church and community to bless this family.”