County reviews work order management software

Published 9:15 am Friday, April 2, 2021

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Caroline Johnson, administrative assistant for the county, presented the county’s new work order management software during Thursday’s board work session.

The new software is called Asset Essentials, which is part of Dude Solutions. Johnson explained how the software is making it easier and more streamlined to create work orders, such as fixing potholes on a county road or changing out a light bulb in the government center.

She said the county had five days of intensive training, then used Asset Essentials for a week before participating in a follow-up question and answer session.

“Everything is running pretty smoothly,” Johnson said.

Mosley said in the future the county may consider expanding what is uses via Asset Essentials, but for now, it is taking small steps and starting with work order management.

“We wanted to baby step this process, so we’ve got parks and recreation, facility maintenance and roads and engineering [using it], and this system allows you to grow,” Mosley said. “We bought a system that has great capacity. We didn’t want to rush all of it at one time.”

There’s a citizen component to the software as well, allowing residents of Troup County to log in and put in a work ticket. Currently, the portal requires citizens to register before they can submit a ticket.

“I like all of that. I think it’s really good, but I do have a little bit of concern,” said Commissioner Lewis Davis. “The citizen portal is a good step but I think for the average citizen it’s probably going to be a little complicated. They aren’t going to want to go through the process. I think we’ll have to tweak that a bit more.”

Johnson said the county could change the requirements as they continue to learn the system.

Also during Thursday’s meeting, the county did the following:

  • The commission voted during the work session to lift the hiring freeze to fill two assistant positions at its convenience centers. Two people in those positions submitted their two-week notice this week. Due to the need to post the jobs and fill them quickly, the commission voted Thursday instead of waiting until its meeting on Tuesday.

· The Troup County Juvenile Court requested permission to apply for the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council FY’22 Juvenile Justice Incentive grant and to accept the funding if awarded. The grant request is for $260,190 and no match is required. Per data shared in the work session agenda, since 2013, the Juvenile Justice Incentive grant provided through the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) has allowed Troup County Juvenile Court to provide Multi-systemic Therapy (MST), or other evidence-based programs, to Troup County youth, adjudicated delinquent and to their families.