COLUMN: Announcement: A come to Jesus meeting

Published 9:45 am Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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When I was a child, my parents used certain southern expressions that my brother and I understood well. When mom and dad would say, “We need to have a come-to Jesus meeting,” I shook in my loafers. This event usually meant that I was in trouble because of my errant ways or bad behavior.   

I did believe Jesus attended those meetings and that if I lied, he would certainly know it and banish me from Heaven. Before the confrontation would occur, I would often hide under the bed to not face Jesus or my parents. That never worked because the all-knowing Good Lord told dad where to look.

Today, I believe it is time for America to gather for a “Come to Jesus Meeting.” It doesn’t matter what faith you are; just come. We are still struggling with the errant divisive behavior of some of our citizens and leaders. 

I believe we would have been over the pandemic long ago if most of America had been on the same page. If the coronavirus had not become so politicized, we could have saved many. As of today, even though we have vaccines, we still are experiencing rising COVID cases and hospitalizations.   

Some pass blame for these surges to Dr. Fauci, a lamppost, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, the media, or Bessie, the cow. It is a virus that will not end until our personal behavior changes. A president, cow, or political party is not responsible for COVID. We, alone, are the cause for the spread of the virus and its variants, period.  If we wish for our businesses, lives, and education to return to some sense of normalcy, then why would we refuse to act responsibly? 

Is it more important to stay devoted to a group, a leader, or the lamppost than to be loyal to our fellow men, women, and children?

Plus, during our nearly 500 days of pandemic ills, we still suffer the burn from the flames of political turmoil.  If I had a trash can big enough, I might toss the two-party system in it. Terrible idea, I know, but oh my, does Congress need to call a “Come to Jesus Meeting.” If you can’t see those in each political party who are putting power and political pandering ahead of caring for our nation, I will loan you a pair of glasses.   

Adding to our misery, we have the conspiracy theorists who would conjure up any excuse to not attend a “Come to Jesus Meeting.” They hide under beds writing a theory on why the spider that is in the mattress will grow fangs to bite us and take off with our money. The good news is, the all-knowing Good Lord will find them wherever they hide with their lies.

Race relations are deteriorating, violence is spreading, shootings are occurring, and hatred is at the root of it all.   

Hate and anger are pushing us to still divide, promote violence, still be bigots and spread illness. The devil is having a party, and we are in attendance. I am sick of him and tired of the way we often treat each other. And I know with certainty, I am not the only one.

Why do we make our lives more problematic while experiencing so much pain? We must, first and foremost, get well. Too many of our citizens have died, and our children have suffered immensely for well over a year. 

Our priorities are not where they should be. Instead of forming a united front to help our little ones return to a life they once knew, we battle over selfish political and personal ideologies.      

People who have worked tirelessly to heal our nation are those we should follow. Their love of God and their fellow citizens shine like a beacon. It is their voices we must hear and not those who shout ill will and cause distrust and chaos. Our aspirations should come from love, not hate. We need to stand tall, speak out, and post signs for all to “Come to a Jesus Meeting!” on every street corner and in every chamber of our hearts.

Jesus is still walking among us. His voice is often drowned by our angry tirades. He watches as the hospitals fill and folks suffer because many believe they must choose between their rights/freedoms and the health of their fellow Americans. Isn’t it the right choice to decide what is best for us all?  When we label each other, pass judgment, spread distrust, Jesus is watching us, hearing us, and asking us, “Why?” 

“The Come to Jesus Meeting” is for those who would like to heal, seek forgiveness, find love, and experience peace. This meeting is open for all and is free.