HPD recommends monitoring to deter crime

Published 12:20 pm Saturday, April 24, 2021

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The Hogansville Police Department is currently seeing an increase in “drop and run” crimes in the community. 

According to HPD Interim Police Chief Jeff Sheppard, the suspects are coming from the interstate and are committing crimes in small cities, like Hogansville. Then, they jump back on the interstate never to be seen again.

“Local crime acts sometimes in the same way,” Sheppard said. “When a crime is committed, often the victims don’t even know it happened until after the perpetrator has left the area, or the victim is in such shock and dismay that they can’t remember fine details.”

To combat the crime, the HPD is planning to begin “FLOCK” monitoring. 

According to HPD, FLOCK is a stationary license plate reader or “LPR” for short. 

This system is already being used in LaGrange, Newnan, Carrolton and other nearby cities.  

Sheppard noted that they are networked together. 

“What this means is if a crime is committed here and the car passes one of our cameras, an alert is sent to everyone in the FLOCK network,” Sheppard said. “Sort of an electronic dragnet.” 

With safety in numbers, Hogansville will join thousands of other networking cities, counties, HOA’s and businesses in a massive “neighborhood watch.”

“If an incident does occur at your business or on the streets of Hogansville, we will be better equipped to get the information out faster and more accurate,” Sheppard said. “This will help with quicker apprehension and a reduction in crime. When word gets out that our city is protected under the network, then these criminals will move to other areas.” 

The HPD is in the process of joining the FLOCK safety team. Sheppard noted that the process comes with a cost for the equipment and maintenance. The city and HPD is a hosting a public forum at the HPD at 117 Lincoln Street, on Tuesday, May 25, at 10 a.m. for business and corporate owners and leaders of the community. 

A representative from FLOCK will be there, along with representatives from surrounding agencies, to discuss what FLOCK can do for the city. Refreshments will be provided by the HPD, and there will be drawings for small door prizes during and after the forum.

To reserve a spot, or for any questions, contact Sheppard at (678) 953-4068. 

“Together, we can keep our city a safe place,” Sheppard said.