Turkey Creek Events open for weddings and other events

Published 11:00 am Friday, April 30, 2021

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It was a dream come true for the Strickland family.

“It has always been my dream to work in the event industry,” said Turkey Creek and Events owner Katie Strickland. “In 2018, my husband and I planned our dream backyard wedding but due to one hundred percent chance of rain we had to quickly change plans.”

Strickland said that at the end of the day she had loved their wedding but wished there was a better back-up plan. If they had large tents with sidewalls, the Stricklands could have hosted all of their guests at the location of their choosing.

Now Katie has everything she has ever wanted in her very own inventory. From tents to lanterns, they have it.

“Our inventory consists of things that I wanted, searched for, and needed while planning our wedding, as well as items that clients in our area frequently asked for that they could not find anywhere else,” Strickland said. “We carry everything from small table decorations to large tents that can host 200 guests.”

It doesn’t matter if you are planning a corporate event, a wedding, or just a backyard family party, Turkey Creek coordinates and facilitates events, supplies event rentals, and custom event decorations.

“Turkey Creek Tents and Events is unique because we are not just event planners, and we are not just event rentals,” Strickland said.

“We listen to everything you say about the vision for your event, and we try to make that come to life for you by helping with the event management and supplying the rentals for the event.”

The Stricklands have found out along the way that creating a small business for events wasn’t going to be easy. Strickland said they had to keep pursuing the dream at every turn. 

“We just had to keep pushing, no matter how scared we were to start something new or how exhausted we were from working, it was all about just keep pushing through,” Strickland said. “Because having a satisfied client at the end of the day is worth every bit of blood, sweat and tears put into this small business.”

Currently, the two are operating everything out of their home in Pine Mountain that is located alongside where Turkey Creek runs. Strickland’s dream in the future is to own a venue location on Turkey Creek in LaGrange for events while continuing to service the community with all rentals at the location of their choosing.

She added that she also hopes to help brides plan their weddings and not just become an event coordinator but a wedding coordinator as well.

“Thankfully, I stood by my husband a few years ago when he opened his small business in LaGrange,” Strickland said. “I watched how gracefully he handled the adversity, and I tried to mirror that. My biggest fear in starting this business was breaking into a new industry and getting my name out there. The community of LaGrange has been so supportive of this new venture.”

When it comes to her clients, Strickland hopes to make everyone’s events dreams and inspirations come true.

“My favorite part of this business is listening to what each client wants and creating it for them,” Strickland said. “I love seeing the light on people’s faces when they see their event dreams and plans come to life.”

When Katie isn’t running around setting up table placements or cranking up tents, she’s chasing her one-year-old and training her new German Short Haired Pointer.

“Being a wife and a mom are my two favorite titles in this world, and I am honored to be able to add the title ‘business owner’ now as well,” Strickland said.

“My husband, Travis Jr., and my one-year-old daughter, Alora Holly has been my biggest encouragement throughout this process. They are the most consistent people in my life who have loved me and supported me in this new adventure. My biggest goal throughout this business is just to create something that will make them proud.”

During the past year of planning and preparing for Turkey Creek and Events to take off, Strickland has leaned on stories and memories of her great grandmother. 

“I have always looked up to my great grandmother who traveled to the United States from Italy and started her own successful business that has been open since 1951,” Strickland said. “She was the first and only female entrepreneur in my family, so I have always been inspired to be just like her.”

If anyone is searching for a family business who can help create an event, check out their website tctentsandevents.com or give them a call at (678) 378-3403.

Turkey Creek is partnering with The Fields Golf Club on May 15 for its grand opening and vendor expo. The event begins at 6 p.m. and is free to attend.