OUR VIEW: Luncheon thanks local law enforcement

Published 11:30 am Wednesday, May 19, 2021

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Last week, the Troup County Sheriff’s Office held an employee appreciation luncheon to thank everyone at TCSO for their hard work.

Sheriff James Woodruff has always made a point to celebrate the employees at the sheriff’s office for their good work, and the luncheon was just another example.

Our law enforcement officers, including those who work for other departments, work long hours and handle any type of call you can think of. They often deal with the worst things that happen in our community on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

They might go from a random, sudden high-speed chase to helping someone who thought they heard someone breaking into their home.

Usually, when we need a law enforcement officer involved in our life, it means we’ve had a pretty bad moment. We’re usually getting pulled over or have been the victim of a crime.

For them, it’s another call in a long shift of similar calls.

So we’re glad the sheriff’s office took some time to gather everyone involved — support staff included — to thank them for the work they do in what is too often a thankless job.

Although it wasn’t asked for, we’re sure a little food and a pat on the back goes a long way.