OUR VIEW: Getting creative to find qualified employees

Published 12:30 pm Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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All across the country, businesses are struggling to find qualified workers. It’s been well documented all around the United States, as well as in Georgia and Troup County, that there are a lot of people looking for workers, but not enough qualified workers to fill those positions.

Employees are getting creative. They are raising wages, offering sign-on bonuses and using unique marketing to spread the word.

But we’re not sure we’ve heard anything more creative or clever than what Jackson Services is doing.

If you can find Jackson Services a new service technician that proves capable of doing the job, the company will pay the referrer $200 a month. Yes, the person who referred the worker. The argument from co-owner Dale Jackson is that Jackson will make thousands of dollars a month through a good, hard worker, so the $200 ends up being worth the added cost.

There’s no time cap either. If the employee works for Jackson Services for 10 years, then the referrer will get $24,000. It only ends when the employee leaves the company.

This is also one of the busiest times of the year for HVAC companies, and we have some good ones locally. When the heat cranks up, air conditioning units cut out, and it creates a lot of work.

The fact that Jackson and other companies are this desperate shows just how many great opportunities there are right now for someone looking for a high-quality job with good benefits and competitive pay. If you’re looking, there are plenty of options.

With that in mind, we’d love to hear from other local companies about how they are getting creative to find employees. Do you have a great idea? Email it to us at news@lagrangenews.com.