Forum celebrates women

Published 9:00 am Tuesday, June 29, 2021

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Through motivational speaking, prayer and ultimately rallying behind the word ‘woman’, the women who participated in Saturday’s SOW Sista walked away with new allies who developed a more personal definition of ‘sisterhood.’

Woman Emerge, a global network of women who create new leadership paradigms around the world, presented the Strength of a Woman Master Class and Forum as a way to connect local women on an emotional and spiritual level. The forum was held at the West Georgia Tech Event and Conference Center.

“Women connecting and intentionally coming together to encourage, empower and uplift one another is essential for achieving and building strong families, creating inclusive and sustainable societies, mental balance, deeper faith and economic growth,” said Denise Mosley, Woman Emerge founder and facilitator. “It is absolutely crucial that we continue to talk, listen, seek to understand, teach one another and follow-up on our commitments, and build momentum toward our every endeavor for ourselves, our children, spouses, our communities and one another.”

The forum included discussion on the six types of women who exist in society, such as the motherly woman, the wifely woman, the business women, and the financial savvy woman.

Guest speakers, such as Minister Inetha Hatten spoke on the strength of a woman in terms of spirituality and the effect their actions had on her.

“I came from regal women who taught me how to cross my t’s and dot my i’s, but at night I saw them on their knees in prayer, and I referenced them,“ she said.

Hatten said that through her acts as a motivational speaker, she is surrounded by “a great cloud of witnesses,” referencing the women in her life.

She said that as she was born from great, influential women, all women come from the same cloth.

“Women, they say, came from the rib of man … but they come from our womb, and I don’t say this to offend you,” she said to the nearly 100 women at the conference. “I’m just acknowledging the strength of what women can do.”

Hatten summed her view on the the importance of a female’s role in everyday life, not just as leaders but homebound figures as well.

“She’s wife, mother, entrepreneur, queen, CEO … and she knows what’s needed at all times,” Hatten said. “She knows how to be broken and put back together again. She knows how to take care of her home, her house, her spouse, her kids, even her soul. She knows how to figure it out without losing control.”

Emerging Women was launched in order to support the integration of business and feminine power to make a positive impact on the world, according to the organization’s website.