Ribbon cutting held for Elite Marketing

Published 9:00 am Thursday, July 8, 2021

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Elite Marketing, located at 209 Church Street, was able to commemorate its four-month residence in downtown LaGrange Tuesday as the company celebrated its business and ongoing connections with the surrounding community.

Elite Marketing, owned by Curt Snider and Corey Faulkner, may have clients all over the county, but do their best to keep a personal, “small town” relationship with each and every one of their clients no matter the size.

“No matter where our client is at, it’s up to us to know [them] and know their vision and really understand the market [and the territory] they’re in and really capitalize on what the vision of that individual is,” Faulkner said.

Snider added that the company’s clientele relationship is very “boots on the ground,” meaning that they work with clients they can work with more personally.

“Bottom line, you know your customer,” Snider said. “We don’t talk to a customer in, say, Mississippi if we have not been there and talked to the local people … and tried to understand their market and what their reputation is.” 

Before combining to create Elite Marketing, Faulkner owned and operated CederCross Media. He met Snider and the two began to work together on different projects, Faulkner said. They officially launched Elite Marketing a year ago and were located in a different section of LaGrange before taking up residency in their current downtown location. In terms of services, Elite Market offers a bit of everything that best meets their client’s advertising needs, the owners said.

“You hear a lot of talk about full-marketing services in the marketing world, and that’s really what we are,” Snider said. “We offer anything from TV production, commercials, we have our own podcast studio here that a lot of clients utilize…”

Some of Elite Marketing’s local clients include KIA of LaGrange, Jackson Services, Long Live Tattoo and Gallery and Kids Zone Behavioral Health.

Dale Jackson, owner of Jackson Services and LaGrange-Troup County Chamber of Commerce chairman, has been a long-time customer of Elite Marketing.

“This was a unique ribbon cutting for me because these guys have been working with me the last ten years,” Jackson said.

“The marketing [for Jackson Services] you see in the community is because of these guys.”