TURES COLUMN: Let’s cheer on USA athletes

Published 8:30 am Thursday, July 29, 2021

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I can’t believe I even need to write this column, but it has become fashionable by some politicians and pundits who claim to “love America,” who are openly cheering against Team USA in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.  Even some sports journalists are spending valuable time criticizing the stumbles of a few U.S. teams, with embarrassingly little coverage of our winners.  I’ll also give you some ideas on how you can help America’s athletes, in this column.

Using phrases like “woke” and “social justice warriors,” some politicians and pundits who enjoy being photographed hugging U.S. flags or claiming their patriotism exceeds everyone else’s are venting a lot of venom at those representing the United States. Since it’s all about maximizing their own publicity by disparaging others, I won’t even mention their names.

Others from the sports world are spending more time documenting the losses of American teams in exhibition games than they are at highlighting America’s gold medal winners, and what they’ve accomplished. In other countries, these champions would be heroes for life, and probably never need to buy another drink. But for some writers in our sports world, our amazing success stores are being passed over, in favor of coverage for those struggling.

In 1996, I was in Bulgaria for the opening day of the Olympics. A pistol-shooter from that country won the Bronze Medal, and the country played it on TV non-stop. While I was in Ecuador, I saw a statue to Jefferson Perez, who won a gold medal for long-distance walking. 

In one of these sports stories, the columnist disparaged American fans for being spoiled, complaining, and implied a degree of laziness. But most Americans I know are cheering on this country, competing in local sports events and want to know more about our country’s amateurs.

So here’s what you could do. Call into a sports talk-show, or political talk-show. Write a letter to the editor, or post a message on these sites. Highlight an Olympic athlete who won a medal, and insist that “news” organization give our country’s representatives a little more coverage.

And their successes are too great to ignore, especially as America leads the medal count as of the writing of this column. Please don’t be fooled by the “all American athletes hate America” fib or some additional online lie, which probably also has its origins from our greatest rivals in politics and sports.

Those countries really enjoy the additional “boos” emanating from some places in the USA. Let’s answer them back, and give our U.S. sports heroes the recognition they deserve.