BERNARD COLUMN: Weak reasons for not getting the vaccine

Published 9:30 am Tuesday, August 3, 2021

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By Jack Bernard

Bernard is a retired corporate executive

Well, the first thing I would urge Americans to do is to get vaccinated. We know the vaccines are highly effective, even against this Delta variant.”- Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Trump appointee, former FDA Commissioner

Under former President Trump, America took the lead in developing a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus. And Trump and his family got vaccinated early on.

Strangely, there are many good, patriotic Americans (including the majority of GOP men) who remain unvaccinated. And that is a real shame, bordering on a moral failing, especially with the highly transmissible Delta variant rampaging through red states.

They are endangering all of us, regardless of our politics.

When I speak to unvaccinated friends and acquaintances, I hear many reasons for their hesitancy.

Here are a few of them and my responses:

“I think that I already have had the Covid-19 virus.”

-If you think that you have had the virus, get tested for it and know for sure. If you had Covid-19, ask your MD when you should get the shot (he will tell you that you do still need it). If you had a cold or the flu instead, which is the probability, then go get the shot right now.

“I’m young and healthy so I don’t need to be concerned with vaccinations.”

-You may not need to worry much about yourself, but what about the at-risk people (seniors, those with medical conditions) you might unknowingly infect? And even younger people get ill with Covid-19 and some end up with long-term side effects. So, why take the chance of hurting yourself or your friends and family; go get the shot.

“The Lord has protected me so far and will take care of me.”

-Maybe, but God gave us a brain, so each of us should use it to analyze right from wrong. Infecting others or yourself is against God’s wishes; that’s why he gave us the vaccine. And there are many religious people, including preachers, who refused the vaccinations and were killed by the virus. For heaven’s sake, get the blessed shot.

“Vaccinated people get Covid-19 anyway, especially now with the Delta variant, so there’s no reason to be vaccinated.”

-If you are vaccinated, the chances of getting Covid-19 are considerably less and the health impact is minimal. The chances of infection are much, much higher for the unvaccinated, as is the impact of the illness. Science says get the shot.

“I heard the side effects are really bad.”

-There are very minor side effects that show up in some people who are vaccinated (i.e. arm ache). But these side effects are almost always transient. Covid-19 kills and can have a multitude of horrible long-term side effects. Just go ahead and get the shot.

The vaccines were developed too quickly. There are just as many doctors who say don’t get the shot as there are telling us to get it.

-There’s no disagreement in the medical community about the efficacy of the vaccination. It works. Your MD will tell you to go get the shot ASAP.

Are you getting the picture, unvaccinated multitudes? If not, please pay closer attention. Listen to the science, not the rumor mill and a few self-serving politicians. For heaven’s sake “scaredy cat” just stop making excuses. Take a deep breath, find some internal strength, and get the shot.

Note: I’m not an MD or scientist (and I don’t play one on TV). So, for more information, go to the CDC and FDA websites. And stand with science not superstition.