OUR VIEW: Drivers should be extra attentive

Published 10:30 am Wednesday, August 11, 2021

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School is back in session, meaning the mornings are a much busier time for parents. It also means there’s more traffic on the road, more children waiting for buses, and just more to look out for.

We encourage drivers to slow down in the mornings, especially as everyone is getting adjusted to their school routine again. That means slowing down in school zones — which are packed with children — and being careful when navigating these areas. You never know when a child is going to dart into the road, so expect the unexpected and be prepared to hit the brake.

Watch for school buses and ensure you stop in time.

And maybe even more importantly, watch out for students who are waiting on the school bus. Children should wait in safe areas, off the road, but that isn’t always the case. Keep an eye out for students when driving through residential neighborhoods.

If your student is a car rider, make sure you leave in plenty of time to get your child to school. Expect long lines, especially at the start of the year, and make sure you plan your day around those delays.

In the afternoons, do the same. Expect it to take some time to pick up your students.

The new school year is going to be a great one in Troup County, but everyone needs to play a role in that.

And that means everyone.

Every person on the roadway needs to be extra attentive as we navigate the start of the year.