Medical freedom rally planned at the square

Published 10:00 am Thursday, August 19, 2021

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A “Medical Freedom” rally, which plans to allow its participants to voice their disagreement for medical mandates in work environments, is planned to take place at Lafayette Square next Thursday, Aug. 26.

The rally is not an “anti-vaccination” rally, said the rally’s organizer Laura Kenney, but rather an opposition against “medical mandates that say you have to take some type of medical procedure in order to remain employed.”

“I think giving people a voice who feel like they are alone out there and they are being threatened with their livelihood and their chance to serve their community,” Kenney said.

Kenney owns the Herb Shoppe on 408 Ridley Ave. in downtown LaGrange. Her shop offers alternative means of wellness seeking, such as herbs, oils and minerals.

The shop originated on Bull Street and was only 400 square feet when it opened almost nine years ago, she said. Due to an increased interest in her product, Kenney expanded to her current location in 2017 and began offering more choices.

“It’s a big thing here, surprisingly,” she said. “We cannot tell anyone not to take prescribed medication, but people who come in generally have a sense of wanting to try something different for their health. It’s an alternative people can use or use in conjunction with their traditional medicine. I like to think we are a huge part in keeping the community healthy, especially in times like these.”

Kenney did not wish to share her opinion on the use of COVID vaccines.

Kenney said she extends the invitation to the rally to participants whether they are vaccinated or not.

The rally will take place at 4 p.m.