OUR VIEW: A comeback for the ages for Troup

Published 8:30 am Tuesday, September 14, 2021

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We often write in this space that athletics are a great microcosm of life. They provide great moments and teach how to handle them. How many times have you heard a coach say “act like you’ve been there before.” That advice fits pretty well for adult life, when we win an award or getting praise in the office.

But we often learn more about ourselves when things are going badly, which happens all-too-often in life.

How are we going to pick ourselves up off the deck? When we’ve been beaten, how are we going to respond? Are we going to dive further into the blues, or are we going to work hard and try to overcome?

The Troup Tigers’ football team found themselves in a huge hole Friday night against Hardaway – the kind of deficit where many teams just play out the game, burn the tape and move on to the next week.

Down 25 in the first half, it would’ve been easy to do that, especially down their starting quarterback.

Instead, the Tigers rallied for an incredible overtime win.

It’s the kind of victory that can lead into momentum for the season, and it’s certainly something to build on.

It’s also the sort of victory that all of those players can recall when life gets tough later on.

“Remember that time we were down like 100 to Hardaway and came back to win?”

It’s human nature to remember how you’ve responded in those types of moments before.

We’re proud of Troup (and all of our local teams, who are having tremendous seasons), and we know all the things they are learning on the field will eventually cross over into life.