OUR VIEW: New sports means more students engaged

Published 9:30 am Friday, October 22, 2021

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Earlier this week we wrote about one of the new sports in the Troup County School System: flag football.

The new sport, which is for girls, was added after a student survey a few years ago asked kids what they’d most like added to TCSS’ athletic offerings.

First off, we applaud the school system for having these types of surveys, and actually trying to take the information gleaned and use that to create new programs.

Adding new sports gives our schools the chance to get more students excited about going to class.

Some of us remember high school, when playing a sport might’ve been the only motivation we had to get out of bed, study hard and get to class on time.

New sports mean more students involved in athletics, which have shown to be a driver of student success.

Through athletics, students learn so many life lessons.

Working together as a team, winning together, losing together, overcoming adversity, working through critical problems — the list goes on and on. Like life, almost no one ends their high school sports career completely unbeaten, but no one ever leaves it unchallenged.

Flag football is growing in popularity around the country, and frankly, it’s time for there to be a football offering for girls. If you haven’t seen it, flag football keeps most of the fun elements of the normal game, it’s just played on a field that isn’t as wide.

We’re glad to see TCSS offer flag football at its three high schools. We wish all the teams luck on their new seasons.