OUR VIEW: Don’t panic buy toys due to possible shortage

Published 11:30 am Thursday, October 28, 2021

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Last year, it was toilet paper, cleaning supplies and (at one point) fuel. This year could the panic buy item really be toys? And yes, we’re serious.

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard that the current market, bottled up by supply chain issues, is concerned about the upcoming Christmas season, when demand on retailers is high.

We’ve certainly heard it on the national news and have heard people discuss it when out and about.  Some experts have warned that the shortage concerns are being overblown, as large toy retailers have stocked up a year in advance to avoid the holiday season bottleneck. However, smaller retailers are being impacted, as they don’t have the bottom line to order items in bulk 12 months in advance to sit in a back room. We feel for those small businesses. But the truth is that there probably won’t be a shortage if people refuse to panic buy. That means if you see five of that special toy that may be a little hard to get, don’t buy five just to do so. Buy the one (or two) that your children or grandchildren need.

Imagine that — buying the items we need and leaving some for others.

If everyone had done that last year, no one would’ve been needing toilet paper, masks, disinfectant spray or hand sanitizer.

Of course, all this talk leaves us flashing back to “Jingle All The Way,” a Christmas movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the movie, Schwarzenegger’s character is trying to find the last “Turbo-Man” action figure, but keeps finding empty shelves.

With that outlandish movie in mind, our advice is to be respectful and let others have a chance to buy as well.

Go about your Christmas shopping like normal. Make a list now. Make a plan now. If you want to buy ahead, there’s really no harm in doing so, but you could pay more than you might on Black Friday. But at least then you’re sure to get one. Waiting until the last minute is always a recipe for failure.

And again, by saying by one, we mean “one.” Not 50. Buy what you need and everyone will be able to get the presents they need this holiday season.