OUR VIEW: Many spent Thanksgiving giving back

Published 12:30 pm Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Not everyone will take the time in a holiday week to make sure others have a holiday meal, but plenty of CTroup County citizens did this week.

Churches and other volunteers — including many in West Point — took time out of their Thanksgiving to hand out full turkey dinners on Thanksgiving day with all the fixings to those unable to do so themselves.

Why would anyone get up on Thanksgiving Day and cook for someone besides their family?

Why would they go to the trouble?

They would miss sleeping in, watching the Macy’s parade or cooking in the quiet of their own home.

But these all-volunteer teams, even in the midst of COVID-19, did because they knew if they didn’t, some of their neighbors would go without.

These acts of kindness are an overflow of a thankful heart.

They come from a desire to give back to others during a difficult time. They come from the knowledge that any of us could be the one in need.

These volunteers came out to do the work but they know a secret — many hands make light work, or some old saying like that.

These crews had fun. This is a tradition for many of these volunteers.

They show up with their families and make a day of it.

They are not missing Thanksgiving. They’re living it.

Thanks to all of you who so lavishly blessed the residents of Troup County.

You gave the day meaning and our residents hope.