OUR VIEW: Ghosts or not, visit may mean more interest in museum

Published 10:30 am Thursday, December 9, 2021

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Georgia Paranormal Investigators visited LaGrange’s Legacy Museum on Main this past weekend in hopes of meeting some of LaGrange’s most well-known leaders — or at least their spirts.

We can debate all day whether or not ghosts, spirits — whatever you want to call them — are real or not, and we’re sure some are laughing just at the idea of the investigators’ trip to LaGrange. However, we’d argue that folks interested in paranormal activity had their interest peaked by the investigations’ findings.

One of our writers joined the group on this nearly seven-hour journey and witnessed the process these paranormal researchers go through to capture energy from any lingering entities. Everyone in the group had genuine interest in learning of our town’s history and some of its earlier founders. The group was allowed access to areas of the museum that the public has probably never seen and were able to review aged ledgers, tomes and hand-written letters.

They were led by Alex Hughes and Lewis Powell, two of the museum’s archivists, to learn about Troup County’s days in the textile industry, plus the impact the area’s most prominent family, the Callaways, continues to have.

the activity they were hoping to capture was very minimal, the group expressed plans to return to the area in the future to see more of what the area has to offer.

The Legacy Museum acts as a great starting point to learn about the county’s past and all that went into making it to what it is today.  If this paranormal investigation creates more interest in the Legacy Museum, then that can only be a good thing.

And if the museum just happens to be haunted with the spirits of those who helped shape it, Georgia Paranormal Investigators are certain their harmless, friendly entities who simply want a glimpse of whose walking in their footsteps. They just get free museum admission whenever they want.