OUR VIEW: Everyone’s Christmas morning doesn’t look the same

Published 8:30 am Tuesday, December 14, 2021

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There are children all over the world looking forward to just over a week from now, when Santa Claus will make his rounds, dropping off presents for children.

It’s a lot of pressure on the man in the big red coat, but somehow he gets it done year after year. Well, in most cases he does.

There are children, even in our own community, who do not get to have a Christmas morning like the ones most in our area wake up to. There aren’t presents lined under the Christmas tree or stockings stuffed with goodies.  There isn’t a big lunch or big dinner to take in after all the presents are opened. There aren’t toys all over the floor when the unwrapping is finished.

And sometimes, even where there are presents, it means some of the bills might not be paid the next month.

Our point is this: Not everyone has the ability to buy gifts this holiday season, which is why it’s so important to donate when given the opportunity. Whether that means throwing a few bucks in a Salvation Army kettle or buying a new toy for Toys for Tots, there’s someone out there who would truly benefit from your blessing this holiday season.

We’ll also ask you to keep your Santa gifts within reason. It’s hard for one kid to understand getting a really nice $25 toy truck from Santa while another kid received a $500 Playstation 5. If you want to go all out for your kids, then fine, but keep in mind that Santa may mean something different for every family.

Life is complicated around the holidays for everyone. But for some families, it’s a lot more complicated, and we ask that you keep that in mind over the next week or so. A little change in your pocket might mean absolutely nothing to you, but using it as a last-minute donation might mean the world to someone else.