Ginger Bishop teaches students with help from her childhood experiences on her farm

Published 3:00 pm Wednesday, December 15, 2021

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Editor’s Note: This story is part of a series on teachers of the year in Troup County. 

Ginger Bishop, a first grade teacher at Callaway Elementary School, spent her childhood on her farm in Troup County. She grew up with a passion for interior design, but during her time in college she realized she did not have the heart for the big city where all her jobs would be. She instead knew that she wanted to be back in Troup County and working for her small town. Friends and family recommended teaching which she quickly fell in love with.

“I didn’t want to leave my home life, so I came back home. Then, I started switching my major over to education,” Bishop said. “I’ve always helped out with the [Callaway Baptist Church] with a youth group. So I’ve always helped out there … People were like, ‘you’re really good with kids,’ and so I gave it a shot.”

Bishop thanked her parents for giving her the time on the farm and the beliefs they gave her.

“I could just run through the fields and have the best time and just learning the whole process. My dad and mom always taught me even though you’re a girl, you can still do anything you want to do,” she said. “That was very special for them to see that in me and to let me know that there’s no difference between male and female, you just get out there and do it.”

Bishop said she applies this work ethic to her daughter and her students as well.

“I want her to know this is hard work. You got to do it, but this is how you do it. They instilled a lot of hard work ethic in me,” she said.

Bishop, left, said her husband, right, and daughter, center, motivate her to be a better teacher to her students. (Photo Contributed)

Lindsey Binion, instructional specialist at CES, said she views Bishop as a teammate for their school family.

“People come to her. People talk to her not just on her team, but everywhere in the building,” Binion said. “She’s a great leader. She’s actually the team leader for first grade.”

Her students feel the same way.

Student Clark Harry said he loves how nice Bishop is to him and all the other students.

“Mrs. Bishop is really nice. She lets us do fun things. She lets us do coloring sheets,” Harry said.

Students of Ginger Bishop pose for a picture as they celebrate tacky sweaters and the holidays. (Photo/Iris Hersey)

Reagan Allen said Bishop brought a lot of fun festivities to their classroom the holiday season this year.

“Mrs. Bishop is the best because she lets us do funny stuff like Rudolph,” Allen said.

Camilla Castillo said she loves when Bishop plays with her during the school day.

“Mrs. Bishop is a loving person, that’s why I love her so much,” Castillo said. “She colors with us. When no one plays with me, she’ll come in and play with me for a little bit.”