THINC students get real-life interview experience

Published 2:00 pm Wednesday, December 15, 2021

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THINC College and Career Academy held its annual THINC Fast event on November 19.

The event provides students the opportunity to demonstrate their professional skills.

THINC Fast is interviewing done in a “speed dating” kind of manner. Students had the opportunity to be interviewed up to three times by community volunteers with each interview lasting approximately six minutes.

Students say the mock interview workshop is one of their most valuable and transforming experiences while attending THINC Academy.

“THINC Fast is an annual event that we look forward to every year. All of our students at THINC Academy are assessed each week on demonstrating 5 professional skills and THINC Fast is an event where they are actually able to demonstrate some of those professional (soft) skills to other leaders in our community We are so grateful for all of our partners who volunteer to spend their time interviewing our students and providing them with important feedback on the interview process. THINC Fast is truly an event that connects our students, our student ambassadors and our local business and industry professionals in a way that benefits us and will ultimately benefit our community,” said Jennifer Pike, Assistant Principal/Dual Enrollment Coordinator.

Below is a brief recap of the day in numbers:

2021-22 THINC Fast Mock Interview Workshop

4 874 Interviews conducted

4 168 Shining Star cards awarded to stellar student interviews

4 50 Volunteers conducted interviews

431 Organizations represented by volunteers