Small Business Feature: Unique gifts can be found at Pretty Good Books

Published 8:00 am Tuesday, December 21, 2021

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A local bookstore is turning old books that can’t be sold to the public into unique gifts you won’t find anywhere else.

The store is selling handmade pendants, figures and ornaments in their bookstore on 118 Church Street. Each item is unique and made through the store.

Joshua Rigsby, owner of Pretty Good Books, said the ornaments are from books the store can’t sell.

“We make jewelry. We make gifts and things like that out of books that we can’t sell.” Rigsby said. “If we get a book where the cover is missing or it’s water damaged or anything like that, we turn those into little arts and crafts.”

Rigsby thanked his wife for her ingenuity with the crafts and for making the bookstore what it has become since moving into the downtown area earlier this year.

“She’s really creative. She’s really crafty,” Rigsby said. “The door over there that’s got all the library cards on it? [It was] 100% her idea. She’s really good at that kind of stuff.”

Emily West, an employee at the store, helped provide the holiday-themed figures the store is currently selling. She said Pretty Good Books provides an authentic atmosphere for the LaGrange community.

“I’m making little Christmas figures as well… [One] actually just sold yesterday, a little snowman,” West said.

“It’s more genuine, like more family-oriented. I feel like it’s a lot more welcoming.”

Rigsby said he hopes the families of LaGrange will visit this holiday season with their relatives.

“It’s a great place to bring people who are from out of town … People will find a varied number of interests in one place,” Rigsby said. “Your uncle who is really into World War II history and your niece who really loves unicorns. This is a unique place in that people can find their interest, no matter what they are all in one spot.”