School board updates community on the renovations planned for schools

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, December 22, 2021

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Before the Troup County School System let out for the holidays, the school board received an update on the ongoing renovations taking place throughout the county.

Chip Medders presented on both completed projects and others that were still ongoing. The presentation included pictures of the projects for the board to review.

Medders said these presentations will become common during school board meetings so that the board and the community can be informed on the progress occurring.

“We’re going to do our best to make sure that we’re presenting that type of information every month to our school board,” Medders said. “So not only do they have up to date, accurate information of the progress we’re making, but we also want the community and all of our stakeholders to know the projects we have going on and the progress we’re making.”

Medders said several projects will be completed going into 2022 and will be able to be used by students and faculty in the new term.

“We’ve got several projects in the last few months that have finished up. One was the Callaway Elementary School health clinic,” Medders said. “I believe they’re getting ready to open very, very soon.”

As for the future projects, Medders said there are several to note including the Callaway High School hitting facility. During the meeting, the board approved Sheridan Construction for Hollis Hand Elementary School renovations with a budget of $1,099,135.

“Here in the next two months that Callaway hitting facility will be a big one we’ve got going on,” Medders said. “Right after that in late spring, the Hollis Hand project that [I talked] about [at] the board meeting with the new floor, the lighting and ceiling grid. That is a very big project.”

Medders said the renovations are a part of TCSS’s five-year facility plan. He is currently in the process of drafting a new one.

“We are in the midst of creating our new five-year facility plans right now… because that new E-Splost will start July of 2022,” Medders said.

“There’ll be an updated five-year facility plan in the upcoming months.”